Monday, 5 September 2011

Clap Your Hands

An incredibly entertaining book which has an infectious story line and warmly illustrated  characters.  I love movement books and ever since I discovered this one at my friend Pooja's place,  I have been wanting to review it under the "must have" label on this blog.

Sample this:

"Hop Like a bunny,
Flap Like a Bird.
Quiet as a mouse now...
Don't say a word!" OR

"Find something big,
Find something small, 
Spin in a circle…
But try not to fall!”

Rhyming verses make this book such a pleasure to read aloud and makes its listeners shake, stomp, wiggle, tell a secret, whisper and roar with every page you turn. Of course the illustrations really make the book come alive.Lorinda Bryan Cauley, its author and illustrator has her own website that tells me that this is not the only fun book she has written and illustrated.
It's an awesome book and I am looking forward to owning it. 

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