Thursday, 21 July 2011

Room on the Broom- Julia Donaldson

I am a dog, as keen as can be,
Is there room on the broom? For a dog like me?
YESS! cried the witch! and the dog clambered on,
The witch tapped the broomstick and whoosh they were gone!

I typed these word out of memory- and am certain I can reproduce most of the book verbatim --- that's how many times I have read the book and have read it aloud to Tuhina and her class kids.

An absolute absolute favourite -- a delightful tale full of rhymes and visuals that steal your heart. The well mannered witch and her large heart helps her to make new friends and get her out of a spot. For those who want a spin to the usual notion of "bad, evil, witch" this is such a welcome change! ( of course there is 'Kiki' but that's another post!) 

Dare I say, it is even better than the Gruffalo (reviewed here)  by the same author and illustrator , in my opinion.This book enjoys a massive fan following and that comes as no surprise to me. A fabulous story can lend itself to anything: classrooms use it in the UK as resource material; Jackonary Junior featured it on Cbeebies; and it even has a stage production. Also, a wonderful audio version can be found on YouTube

Go ahead and grab this book- it is a book for everyone- an infant/a toddler/ a 7 year old/ or a parent!

And, yes, call me for storytelling! :D

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