Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Little Witch Goes to School

We have been having many HAHAHA moments ever since we laid our hands on this zany book. Sylvie Wickstrom has done a great job of illustrating it and Deborah Hautzig has done a fantastic job of creating a  super funny story.

A mom witch who wants her daughter to be bad; never say please; not make friends; and not learn anything!! And she gives her daughter a lunch box full of candies: "This will help your teeth rot".
My kid laughed and laughed at all the topsy turvy instructions coming from the mum. Really, it is its  quirky humour that makes this book irresistible.

Published by Random House, its classified as "Step3: Reading on your own book". This could have been a long read but for its humour and great artwork.

A must have in your collection would be my recommendation!

P.S.: I chanced upon the author's website and really liked what she wrote about her stories that I reproduce here:  Each and every one of them is about the search for a way to be true to oneself and still be accepted and loved by the people who matter to us the most. It seems to be the one story I never tire of telling.