Friday, 16 September 2011

The Toy Horse -Deepa Agarwal

One of the most poignant books written for children, it won an award by the Children's Book Trust. It's an invaluable book to have because it teaches in such a tender way the difference between haves and have nots.

Deep respect for the way its author, Deepa Agarwal,  portrays a 'banjara' family , their profession and art, and the feelings of the little girl who knows she has limited means.
I read it out often to my daughter who is only 4 years old but really very moved by the story. It also gives us an opportunity to provide her with a perspective on things she will see and experience all around her in India.

The illustrations are brilliant- Ajanta Guhathakurta, you deserve an award in bringing alive the memories I have of banjaras making tools and selling utensils by the roadside, turbans, and  ghaghras and some lovely silver jewellery.

Priced at Rs. 20/- and available at stores that stock CBT /NBT publications, it is a must must buy.

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  1. Thanks, Pallavi! So glad to know you and your daughter enjoyed the book.

    Deepa Agarwal