Friday, 29 September 2017

We Love Bunk Beds!: A Shirley and Doris Book

My ABSOLUTE, MOST favourite book!!!

This book came into our lives through a  second-hand books sale in the neighbourhood. We laughed a lot reading it at the book stall itself and have laughed again and again after every book reading!

 My 4 year old, who  often does not have the patience to listen to stories till the very end, waits for the twist in the tale at the ending of the story.

When I read this book out, I use rhyming Hindi words that go with the page illustrations and  my 4 year old and I have some great laughs.

 Every. Single.  Time.

So what is it about? An inseparable sibling elephant  pair, with the little one (Doris)  following her elder sister  (Shirley) everywhere. Shirley  sometime loses patience but mostly in the book is resigned to her fate ( This is VERY different from our household and when my 10 year old reads it I point out some patient dealings by Shirley  strategically! wink wink! !!!)
Frustrated with Doris's clingy behaviour , their mom suggests buying a bunk bed so that they at least sleep separately that gets every one excited.
All seems to go well till the end and Shirley will finally get to sleep away from Doris but wait... is that what is going to happen?

Guaranteed to generate many laughs and squeals at the end , go ahead and seek this book out.

I am an absolute fan of the author, Paula Metcalf's , work and follow her artwork on Facebook too.  Here is the link

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