Friday, 29 September 2017

Daddy is a Doodlebug- Buce Degen

Daddy is a Doodlebug  is a fantastic book with a quirky sense of humour highlighting the special bond between a father and a child. Very few books focus on this aspect of parenting- it is either  both parents in the story line or often the mother and the child.  So when I saw this today in my university's library of children's books , I was delighted! My kids have a stay at home dad around them and they do many activities with him around. This surely was going to  resonate with them!

So this is how it goes... two bugs ( a father and his son) do various activities together

" Daddy is a doodlebug . I'm a doodlebug too
We both eat potoodle chips
 While walking through the zoo.
'Cause Daddy is a foodlebug ,
And I'm a foodlebug too.

We padoodle the canoe in the sun and rain
That's what Doodlebugs do

' Cause Daddy is a canoedlebug,
And I'm a canoedlebug too.

It is the play of words, some pun here and there and vivid bright illustrations with humour hidden in them that make the book very appealing. My 10 year old laughed a lot while my 4 year old looked at it with delight.
No wonder, because the author illustrator is Bruce Degen who is popular for his art humour in his Magic School Bus books! Here is a nice short interview of him where he frames humour as his top quality! Now that's my kind of quality . I love to watch kids laugh while reading a book or watching some good appropriate content.

So here's a big thumbs up for this book.It is worth having it in your library!

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