Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Large Family

Again it was the Cbeebies show about The Large Family ( more on it here) that got me hooked on to the antics and the chaos of this adorable elephant family.

Jill Murphy, the author of  these popular picture books, does a fantastic job of depicting everyday life in a family setup through her well thought out elephant characters.  Almost all of us have been part of what she describes with humour and thought--be it running late for school, finishing up homework at the last minute, being a bundle of nerves at a  school performance, or coping up with a overzealous but snooty neighbour etc. etc. These everyday moments are conveyed through a  family setting of elephants- 4 kids,their parents, grandparents, school, and their neighbourhood.
What I love about the show and the stories is that it talks about important lessons in life without being moralistic.
I chanced upon the  picture book, 'A piece of cake',  in the used books section of Blossoms book store in Bangalore. It is a funny book with the most gorgeous of artwork. Tuhina giggled and giggled when I first read it out to her.

Look out for Jill Murphy's bestsellers. They wont be a disappointment, for sure!

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