Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Its taken a long time coming but finally its here. My own review blog of children's books. This blog is really for me and for all those children's books that I have loved!
This is my attempt to share the joy I feel after putting down a good story book!


  1. Hi Pallavi. I came upon your blog by accident. I was looking for ACK's story "Gopal and the Cow Herd" but had forgotten what it was called. Till I chanced upon your blog, that is!

    I know you like to blog about all the books you read as a child. But seriously, do try the "Geronimo Stilton" series. It is a great set of books for young kids (I'd say 6+ years old). I read it to my son who is 8 and my daughter who is 13 joins in (although she is obviously much older). Beautifully illustrated too!

    1. oh thanks, Mahazareen! I will surely seek the GS series out. my daughter is now 6 and I was looking out for more and more stuff for her. thanks for the recommendation.